How to Get the Most out Balloon Twisting at Your Event

Balloon sculptures add color and excitement to any celebration.  Your guests feel like they get something to play with at the event and take home afterwards.  It’s fun to watch the balloon artist twisting the balloons into animals, flowers, hats, and toys.  Balloon twisting instantly upgrades your party to something special.
Balloon Artist Event in St. Louis
Dragonfly Balloon twist
Simply Amazing
Circus Kaput is unique in that we have mastered the art of twisting simple but amazing balloons for events.  Our many years of experience have shown us that children are delighted with many one and two balloon sculptures.  We have also found that by not slowing down during a busy event to do large elaborate balloon sculptures that take several minutes to produce, we can serve a greater number of people.  That is not to say our balloons are average – we have a variety of fun creations that are the hit of any party.  But we do take the time to consider the number of people wishing to receive a balloon, and we do our sculpting accordingly.

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Choosing a Balloon Artist
When booking any performer, you want to consider the method of agreement.  A professional balloon artist will use a contract and possibly require a deposit.  He or she will arrive to your event early to get set up, and start at the agreed-upon time.  It’s wise to choose a balloon artist with a website that shows his or her work.  It may also be in your best interest to speak with references.  Circus Kaput has numerous pictures of our balloons on our website, and we provide testimonial videos.   

Elliot the Entertainer
Ginger and Josh at a Gala Event
Space Requirements
Most balloon twisters bring at least two pieces of equipment – an organized bag of professional quality balloons, and a pump or multiple pumps.  They will need table space or a chair to set down their equipment.  The artist will need room to blow up long balloons and work with them.  Traditionally a ten foot by ten foot area is sufficient.  The place where the balloon artist will stand or sit should not be a walkway where people are moving through.  They should not be placed so they will be blocking a food table or trash can.  Balloon twisting will be more successful if the artist has enough room to entertain and amaze without being in the way of other activities.
Managing the Line
Consider the number of guests you will have at your event.  Will a line form for balloons?  If so, please plan to have enough room for people to get in line and watch the balloon twister work.  If you have a large number of guests, you may want to have a second or third balloon artist at the event.  If a line does form, and it’s mostly children, it may be beneficial to have an adult guide the cueing.  
Circus Kaput Balloon Twisters at a school event
Balloon Twist hat at a Gala event
Balloons for Adults
Everyone knows children love balloon sculptures, but you may be surprised to hear balloons are great fun for grown ups too.  Circus Kaput does several fun, sophisticated hats and “wands” for adults at parties.  Receiving a balloon and walking around with it is an amazing ice-breaker.  It lightens the mood and adds to the celebratory atmosphere.  Ask us for a reference who will tell you how balloon twisting went at an event with mostly adults.  Imagine your guests walking around with cool balloon hats with feathers or a colorful twisted balloon wand with a heart at the top!  You will be congratulated by everyone for your brilliant unique party idea.

Balloon Centerpieces
If you are already having balloon sculptures as an activity at your event, why not consider balloon centerpieces on the tables?  They are a colorful, distinctive piece of decoration that you can keep or give away afterwards.  Circus Kaput offers special centerpiece prices for clients who are booking us for balloon twisting at their event.  Call and speak with us to find out more.
Monkey with flowers centerpiece
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